Specialised Framing

Conservation Framing:

The key principle behind conservation framing is to protect & preserve collectable artwork that is to be kept for future generations, eg, limited editions & originals of moderate to high value as well as items of sentimental value.

The main threats to artwork, that cause deterioration, are:

  • UV light
  • Humidity
  • Insects
  • Air pollutants
  • The quality of materials touching & in close proximity to the artwork

Specially developed materials are used in conservation framing; these are less likely to damage artwork. We use acid free mountboard, backing board & special self-adhesive paper tape to help prevent any discolouration of the artwork.

We always advise & recommend that all collectable artwork or sentimental pieces are single or double mounted. Glass should never rest directly on to artwork as there is a high risk of the glass sticking to the print, by having a mount allows air to circulate & the artwork to breathe.

All light fades works of art on paper, over time the ultraviolet rays in everyday light can take its toll on artwork. Paper can become faded, discoloured, and brittle; causing irreversible damage that ruins the artwork, so avoid hanging or placing collectable or sentimental artwork in direct sunlight or under fluorescent lighting.

Conservation Clear framing glass with TruGuard UV protection acts as a sunscreen for artwork, blocking most harmful light rays & helps protect framed pictures, keeping them fresh & attractive for years longer than regular glass.

Sports Shirts & Kits

We’ve lost count of how many sports shirts & kits we’ve framed over the years, & it’s an aspect of framing that we both enjoy.

Our sports shirts are framed in a deep re-bated frame, meaning that the shirts are never crushed or creased as the glass is set away from the shirt.

We pin our shirts down onto a complimentary coloured piece of mountboard using a Micro Stitch T-Tag gun, used especially for fabric framing & the tags are almost invisible. Our shirts are never stuck down, stapled or glued.

There are many different options when framing a sports shirt, from simply having the shirt on show or including cut-outs in the mount for photo’s or a players name & match details, maybe even adding other memorabilia, such a shorts or a scarf, the options are endless.

Cross-Stitches / Tapestries / Needlework

Not all framers offer embroidery framing as a service, but for us, it’s one of the most popular items we frame at Get The Picture, & to be honest we think & have been told by many satisfied customers that we do a particularly good job, especially when it comes to stretching.

Even though we always take the up-most care with our customers work, we take extra special care of embroidery work as we understand just how much time, care & expense has gone in to each piece. For this reason we never wash any pieces of embroidery as there is never any guarantee that even colourfast threads won’t run

All cross-stitches etc are squared and hand stretched over acid free thick board, and are never glued ensuring a reversible effect in the future.

As with most framing practices, we recommend mounting all embroidery work, so that the glass is resting away from the fabric. Not only does this eliminate the ‘squashed’ effect, but also reduces the chances of mould growing on the fabric as there is space between the glass & the embroidery allowing any moisture to evaporate.

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